Feedstock Preparation

• Raw Material Handling and Grain Silo System
• Molasses Storage, Pre-clarification and Molasses Handling

Process Plant

  • Liquefaction System
  • Beverage Alcohol Plant
  • Fermentation System
  • Fuel Ethanol Plant
  • Evaporation and Drying (including DDGS production unit)
  • Distillation System
  • DWGS

Effluent Treatment

• Effluent Treatment plant including treatment of process condensate, water recycle, reuse and ZLD. Treatment methods include – Biological, Physico-Chemical and Thermal.

Condensate Treatment & Recycle

We provide condensate and spent lees treatment and recycle plants that perform to energy and environmental standards. MEDAS has employed a focused approach and successfully completed several projects.

Auxiliary Systems

  • Fresh Water Generation system.
  • IS 307: 1966 compliant Liquid CO2 Plant
  • Solar based systems


Automation can be designed for different levels.

Beverage Alcohol Plants

Not only does a beverage alcohol plant have to deliver the required quality but it has to do so at the lowest operating cost. Backed by experience of over 3 decades in the alcoholic beverage industry, MEDAS delivers beverage alcohol plant optimized for energy. Our plants can be designed for low pressure steam (where required), low Impure cut production with double purification, multiple feedstock plants and many other bespoke configurations.

High Quality Spirit+Low Energy Cost = High ROI

Our team can design systems for existing distillery to ensure attractive payback.

Fuel Ethanol Plants

Fuel Ethanol has assumed greater significance in combating climate change. This means we have to be equally sensitive in employing responsible technology systems to produce fuel ethanol. Sustainable solutions form the basis behind configuring designs for appropriate energy integration for the production of high grade anhydrous alcohol. Fuel ethanol produced from our plants conforms to IS 15464:2004 standards. Based on customer demand, we offer:

• Low steam pressure systems
• Low steam consumption

• Lower foot print
• Compact skid mounted units