There are many variables while designing an industrial wastewater treatment plant. Not only should it be industry specific, but one has to consider the regulatory norms as well as the locational issues when designing and engineering a Waste Water Treatment and Recycle system.

Industrial process contains diverse impurities and hence treatment methods have to be carefully designed so as to optimize between the capital and the operating cost. Another important factor is product recovery which is becoming an increasing priority among manufacturing companies.

The Waste Water Treatment and Recycle System team at MEDAS has vast experience of design, engineering, installation and commissioning of Waste Water Treatment and Recycle System for distillery, dairy, food processing, pharma, steel, textile, organic and inorganic chemical industry.

Wastewater Treatment Plants offered by MEDAS includes Technology:

Mechanical – Screening, Filtration, Grit Removal, Sieving
Biological – Aerobic (Activated Sludge Process and its modifications, MBR, MBBR, SBR,  Anaerobic (UASB, CSTR, FMR, Hybrid Reactor) Anoxic (for denitrification)
Physico-Chemical – Ion Exchange, Precipitation, Addition of Chemicals, Neutralization
Thermal – Multi-effect Evaporation
Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Systems